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The code of ethics

홈으로 The Council member The code of ethics

The code of ethics

Jangheung county council members do their job faithfully as the representatives of residents. So we declare the code of ethics like these for trust of the residents.

  • 1. As the representatives of the residents, we maintain our dignity, and represent the opinions of the residents with cultivating personality and knowledge and observing the proprieties.
  • 2. As the servants for the residents, we do our duty faithfully with the spirit of "the public interest must take priority" for the freedom and right of the citizens, and do not purse the personal interests.
  • 3. As the public official, we do not purse unfair and unjust interests related to our duty, and do not intervene unjustly in others with using our status. And also we purse clean and simple life.
  • 4. As the member of the council, we guarantee fair chance and condition for each other in the council activities, and try to solve problems with sufficient debates.
  • 5. As the responsible politician, we have clear responsibilities for the citizens about all the public affairs.

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